Lakey’s Lines: Back home from Newcastle

Hey Everyone,

Well,  just got back from Australia; I was over there for a contest.

Hawaii's Coco Ho won the 6-star ASP Surfest in Newcastle, Australia, where Lakey finished in equal 9th. (ASP/Larkman Photo)

It was fun, I was in Newcastle. It’s a little city about two hours out of Sydney. I brought my little video camera with me so I am going to make a video blog. I’ll show you guys it when I’m done.

It was fun to see all my friends and to get a nice little tan. The contest was a QS “qualifying series” and really it’s all pretty confusing how the system works for surfing. This was the first QS of the season out of 8 contests. There are about 50 girls in each contest, all trying to qualify for the pro tour based on results in these contests. The top five girls will qualify, not counting the girls already on tour who also do these.

It was a pretty big contest and I didn’t do too bad, so I’m stoked. I’m not doing all 8 of these contests because I am not trying to qualify or anything, just to get good experience. Here’s a link to the Surfest website.

Australia always shows me a good time. The country is beautiful, the water warm and the people always friendly.

It’s nice to be home for a little while. I’m not doing much really until May so that’s good for me. Time to hang out with friends and get back to school work.

But I do have some exciting news:  The Nike 6.0 girls movie, that I think I have told you guys about, is coming out soon!!!!!!

Nike, (my sponsor) has been working on a movie with me and the five other girls that are on Nike for about two years. It will be coming out some time in late May and it’s going to be called ‘Leave a Message.’

Here is a little teaser trailer to get you stoked:

So as you can see, it’s going to be pretty amazing. Anyways, I’ll write about it more as we get closer to the premiere.

Soooo… that’s what I’m going to be up to for a bit!

thanks for reading,
Lakey P.

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