Kiley Neushul honored as Channel League MVP

Kiley Neushul, who was part of four CIF and Channel League championships at Dos Pueblos, was named the league’s Most Valuable Player for the 2010-11 season, and  three of her teammates were honored as first-team selections.

Senior Tiera Schroeder, Jamie Neushul, Kiley’s sophomore sister, and junior Kodi Hill were the Chargers picked to the honor squad.

The local schools dominated the first team. Santa Barbara had four players selected: senior Makenzy Fowler, junior Charlotte Hendrix and sophomores Kelsey O’Brien and Madeline Trabucco.

Brittney Hummel represented San Marcos on the team.

All Channel League Selections

Girls Water Polo



Name                                                   Year                                                                 School

Kiley Neushul                                     12                                                                    DPHS

First Team

Name                                                   Year                                                                 School

Tiera Schroeder                                   12                                                                    DPHS

Jamie Neushul                                    10                                                                    DPHS

Kodi Hill                                               11                                                                    DPHS

Kelsey O’Brien                                     10                                                                    SBHS

Madeline Trabucco                             10                                                                    SBHS

Makenzy Fowler                                  12                                                                    SBHS

Charlotte Hendrix                                11                                                                    SBHS

Brittny Hummel                                   12                                                                    SMHS


Second Team

Name                                                   Year                                                                 School

Nicole Morelos                                   12                                                                    DPHS

Tahnia Mark                                       12                                                                    DPHS

Sophie Trabucco                                10                                                                    SBHS

Betsy Hendrix                                     9                                                                      SBHS

Hannah Koper                                   10                                                                  SMHS

Rose Koper                                         12                                                                    SMHS

Alex Brown                                         12                                                                    SMHS

Noelle Mann                                       12                                                                     VHS

Lauren McCaslin                                11                                                                     VHS

Alexandria Cabral                              12                                                                     BHS


Honorable Mention

Name                                                   Year                                                                 School

Chandler Vilander                               12                                                                   DPHS

Arianna St. Oegger                              9                                                                    DPHS

Laurel Kistler                                       11                                                                    DPHS

Claire Berthold                                    10                                                                    SBHS

Jessica Gaffney                                     9                                                                     SBHS

Natalie Chilton                                    11                                                                    SMHS

Halie Johnson                                     9                                                                     SMHS

Tess Wardle                                         11                                                                      VHS

Mariah Bryan                                      12                                                                      BHS

Paige Treloar-Ballard                        12                                                                      BHS

Rebekah Israel                                     11                                                                      BHS