Lakey’s Lines: All I want for Christmas is for Justin Bieber to follow me

Hi everyone!

I hope ya’ll are enjoying this holiday season! I sure am.

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Anyways I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you guys about my Twitter page!

I don’t know if you are on Twitter or know what Twitter is… I know the name might sound a little dumb, however, it’s actually really cool. You can create short “tweets” to share your thoughts or comments on just about anything.

You can also follow people, so for instance, I follow Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and people like that. And it’s really cool because I feel like I kinda know these heroes of mine on some what of a personal level.

You can post links and things like that as well. So for me I tweet stuff like ” Just went for a fun surf” and then attach a photo with it or “just arrived in Bali! This should be a fun trip.” Also it’s cool because you can tweet at people. This might not make much sense but I will do my best to explain it to you.

So like if I want to get Justin Biebers’ attention (which is very unlikely because he has 6 million followers so he is getting people tweeting at him ever second),  I could say @JustinBieber all I want for Christmas is for you to follow me. I have a slim chance of him seeing it but maybe he will!

The one thing that has been cool is I have been talking to USC football player Matt Barkley on twitter quite a bit. He’s really cool!

But anyways I just wanted to share how crazy this world is getting with all this online stuff. But it is pretty cool.

If you don’t have your own twitter page go sign up and follow your heroes and only if you want but i sure would appreciate it if you followed me!

Anyways I hope everyone enjoys their holiday!!

Thanks, Lakey P.

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  1. All I want for is for Justin Bieber’s autograph! pleassssssse!

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