Emotional Warriors struggle on golf course

Carpinteria girls golf coach Chris Gahan knew the first moment she saw her players on Thursday that playing a match the day after athletic director John Ward died was going to be tough.

“The loss of John Ward was evident from the moment I was picking the girls up and driving them drive down to Ventura,” Gahan said after a 258-291 loss to St. Bonaventure at Buenaventura Golf Course.  “Their ability to focus … They were very silent and weepy. It was heartbreaking to watch them suffer, and yet they all agreed to play as they knew that is what Mr. Ward would have wished.”
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The Warriors fell to 2-4 on the season. Christine Saito shot the team’s low score with a 53.

“All in all I was very proud of their performance considering what they were dealing with,” Gahan said. “John would have been proud.”

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