City schools share the load on Channel League’s First Team

Dos Pueblos, San Marcos and Santa Barbara High all matched each other with two players on the Channel League’s First Team for softball.

Dos Pueblos, which second in the league standings behind undefeated Buena, was led there by sophomore pitcher Hannah Harris and junior Jordan Roberts.

San Marcos and Santa Barbara finished in a tie for fourth place and each school had two players recognized for being among the league’s best. The Dons were represented by seniors Mary Ann Giles and Rebecca Neilsen-Robbins. The Royals’ Kelly McKay made it, as did freshman Hannah Ball.

Buena’s Allie Eason was named league MVP. The sophomore was instrumental in Buena’s undefeated 12-0 season, leading the Bulldogs in batting average and slugging percentage. Buena, with four players on the first team, has won 29 of its last 30 Channel League games dating back to mid-way through the 07-08 season.

The even distribution of players from the three city schools on the first team was not repeated on the second team, as DP claimed four spots to Santa Barbara and San Marcos’ one each. Three of the Chargers’ four second teamers are freshman.

All Channel League Softball 2010

MVP — Allie Eason, Buena, 10

First Team

Name School Year
Danielle Markman B 12
Hanah Roberg B 10
Annaliese Lopez B 9
Dani Millan B 12
Hannah Harris DP 10
Jordan Roberts DP 11
Courtnie Snyder V 12
Becca Bernard V 10
Hannah Ball SM 9
Kelly McKay SM 12
Mary Ann Giles SB 12
Rebecca Neilson-Robbins SB 12

Second Team

Name School Year
Mckenzie Burroughs B 12
Aleesa Yanez B 10
Kelsey Phipps B 10
Kristin Lopez V 10
Elena Palace V 12
Alexis Purifoy V 11
Chloe Madill DP 9
Ashlynd Williams DP 9
Agnetta Cleland DP 9
Krista Martony DP 12
Shiela Lopez SB 11
Natalie Williams SM 12

Honorable Mention

Name School Grade
Talia Quevedo SB 9
Kristen Kolgraff DP 11
Marisa Radeke DP 11
Leanna Georges B 9
Schae Jacoby B 12
Alyssa Ayala V 10
Jessica Torrez V 9
Corinne Yingling SM 12