UCSB-Ohio State Game-time Forum

PresidioSports.com will entertain with running commentary during tonight’s UCSB-Ohio State NCAA Tournament game, encouraging readers to comment their own thoughts/observations at the bottom of the page or on our Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Page. Every comment received will be added to the conversation.

PresidioSports.com correspondent Kyle Slavin will be sharing his thoughts from press row while John Dvorak will be watching on TV in Santa Barbara. We welcome all to the party!

John Dvorak: It’s six o’clock and there are still five minutes remaining in Oklahoma State-Georgia game. Looks like UCSB game won’t start on time. Without overtime, looks like almost 7 p.m.

JD: (6:30) First game in Milwaukee is holding up the UCSB-Ohio State game, but what a game it is!

JD: (6:33) That’s it! Georgia Tech moves on with an upset! Maybe a hint at what’s to come on the same court??

Kyle Slavin: (pregame)  Gauchos are running through their warm-ups.  They got a great welcome from the SB faithful that made the trek to Milwaukee.  Though, they may just be trying to keep warm.

KS: (6:49) Court is cleared.  Teams are making their last preparations.  “Don’t Stop Believing” is blasting from the rafters.  15 minutes till tip-off

JD: (7:07) Jordan Weiner gets the NCAA Tournament start. Who would have thought that three months ago?

KS: (7::14) Rough start for the gauchos.  0-4 for Orlando Johnson from the field.  Too many outside jumpers, too few rebounds.  Coach Williams is trying to settle the guys down.  13-3 Ohio State.

JD: (7:30) Thank god for second chance points… We have a game because of them.

KS: (7:31)  9-2 run by the gauchos!  Seems like everyone in this place is against Ohio State.  Getting loud in here!

KS: (7:42) John Diebler started a 14-1 run almost single-handedly.  Three quick three pointers.  27-13 Ohio State.  I think our cheerleaders are cuter than theirs, though.

JD: (7:49) At least Nunnally just got a nice clip on Sportscenter.

KS: (7:52) The 2 quick fouls on Lauderdale is fortunate.  They really don’t have anyone to back him up against the Gaucho big men.  Sit down, big boy!

JD: (7:53)  Half-time: Ohio State 30, UCSB 17. Gauchos look nervous.

KS: (7:55)  Halftime score: 30-17, advantage Ohio State.  Some spirited play out here, with Nunnally almost clearing a couple reporters out of their seats before the buzzer.  It could be worse, but the Gauchos could stand to play a little cleaner.

KS: (8:07) 2nd half about to start.  UCSB still isn’t out to warm up yet.  Must be one hell of a halftime speech by Coach Williams.  Let’s see how they react

KS: (8:18) Second half opens, quick hook shot by Serna.  It looks like UCSB is going to the lane, looking for fouls.  Smart move, since OSU isn’t too deep

JD: (8:21) Keep Somogyi in. They’ve been good with him… If only Diebler wasn’t around…

KS: (8:33)  what a game!  OJ goes off with 10 quick points, but the Gauchos just can’t answer the outside threat of Ohio State.  It’s a ten-point game, but it looks like SB is gaining the confidence to play with the Buckeyes.

KS: (8:41)  SB is looking a little desperate.  Buckeyes are looking confident.  But Powell has a sense of the moment, and hits a big surge-nullifying 3.  Also, I think OSU has about 45 blocks so far.

KS: (8:50)  The good: Evan Turner is a gristly 2-14 from the field.  The bad: John Diebler has 7 three-pointers.  The ugly: Dallas Lauderdale has 7 blocks.  With 3:30 remaining, things must get drastically different if UCSB is going to make a run.

KS: (8:55) And this one is pretty much over.  By no means was this a lay-down by the Gauchos, but the Buckeyes are a very, very talented team this year.  And this may be one of the worst games Evan Turner has ever played.
KS: (3:57) Cheers on a fascinating, riveting season, Gaucho fans.  UCSB has a great deal to look forward to in years to come.  Congrats to the Seniors, as well.  I’m sure this is a season they can be proud about.