Lakey’s Lines: From Oz to Florida, now back in SB

Hi Guys!

The end of the Quiksilver/Roxy Pro event at Snappers earlier this month was awesome. Taj and Stephanie ended up winning as I’m sure you already know. The event sight was buzzing everyday with pros and people watching.

The theme for the week of the contest put on by Quiksilver and Roxy was “The Best.”

Stephanie Gilmore, left, was "the best" at Snapper Rocks, winning the season-opening Roxy Pro. Hawaiian Melanie Bartels, right, finished second. (ASP Photo)

Each day pictures would be taken randomly of all different things going on…The competitors and fans were both a part of the fun. Every morning when you got down to Snapper Rocks where all the stands and booths were set up, new posters would be posted saying…The Best whatever …the best yoga pose, with someone’s big butt taking up the whole poster in a downward dog position, or the best night out, and there would be a guy barfing over a rail, the best wave of course would be a picture of someone like Kelly, Dane or Bobby ripping, etc.

I think it was the sponsors way of drawing the community into the event. We got to sit in the competitors tent everyday. There were unlimited cold Coronas and Red Bulls for anyone in the tent. A yummy hot lunch was served daily and everyone just watched from there and enjoyed the show.


Roxy did a little profile on Laura Enever and me. Laura teaches me how to walk in heels. (Watch the video) She’s an amazing person and friend. I can’t say enough good things about all the people we met and what a life experience it all was.

Tom and Pat Curren showed up the last week we were there, which really helped me feel not so homesick because I hadn’t been home in six weeks. Tom’s daughter LeeAnn is also sponsored by Roxy. She was staying next door to us, because Roxy put all the team riders up in the same apartment. LeeAnn surfed well, this is her first year on the tour. The Curren family sure is fun to be with. They all love to surf and they all love to play music! Not too bad at it either.

No sooner did I get home, I had to take off again for Florida to surf in a Junior Pro event. Wouldn’t you know it, going to more shark infested waters!

Thanks for reading,

Lakey P.

P.S. The first thing I did when i got home was go to Backyard Bowls and boy it was good!!!!

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