Garland takes home sixth Rincon Classic crown

Kilian Garland continued his dominance of the Rincon Classic, capturing his sixth title in the event’s pro division on Sunday in chest-to-head-high conditions. The 22-year-old controlled the 6 p.m. heat from start to finish, grabbing two scoring waves early and continuing to push throughout the 25-minute session.

“I thought the conditions were great. It was a little smaller than yesterday but the swell direction was perfect for the Rivermouth area,” he said.

Adam Lambert takes to the air during the Men’s Final

Garland was the only surfer in the heat who actually got out of the water midway through the session and ran back up to the top of the lineup.


“The timing was good, for sure. The reason I got out was because there was a pretty good-sized set that I rode and the intervals were pretty long in between, so I had time,” he said.

It was his fourth consecutive title, and he said his dominance in the event might be due to some extra inspiration he has.

“It’s kind of a tribute to my friend Brandon Yates, who passed away from melanoma (in 2004),” he said. “This was his last contest.”

Garland won’t have much time to hang around and enjoy the victory, as he’s heading out to a contest in Tasmania in a couple of days.

A beautiful day for a surf contest!

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