Channel League champions control major awards

The postseason accolades have started pouring in for Santa Barbara’s undefeated CIF-ss champion boys soccer team as the Dons swept the Channel League’s individual awards.

Jesse Gonzalez was named Offensive Player of the Year, Sanford Spivey is Defensive Player of the Year and Todd Heil is Coach of the Year.

None of the Dons’ lineup was left out, in fact, as all 11 starters were either league MVPs or on the first or second team. Reserves Luis Santana, Blake Heller, Alfredo Ibarra, George Munoz were given honorable mentions.

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The Dons’ Christian Pardo, Reynaldo Marcos Lopez, Jose Tony Alfaro and Justo Alvarado are all first-teamers while Alex Santana, Brian Joseff, Fernando Alvarado, Spencer Pritchard and Justin Jimenez made the second team.

Eduardo Cortez, Rodrigo Perez and Branden Tangel were named to the first team representing CIF and Channel League runner-up Dos Pueblos, which also put Casey Donahue, Kyle Schmechel and Danny Rowell on the second team. Tony Modugno, German Macedo and Vicente Perez were recognized as honorable mentions.

It was a similar story at the top for the girls, as league-champion Buena received all three major awards. Megan Erskin is Offensive POY, Nitalia Zuniga Defensive POY, and Trish Butterbaugh Coach of the Year.

League-runner-up Santa Barbara placed five players on the first team. Seniors Briana Lopez, Brittany Couture, Kai Miller, Kirsten Jurich and sophomore Dena Slaff made the cut while four underclassmen made the second team: junior Krista Jimenez, junior Ceci Alvarez, sophomore Sheridan Spivey and sophomore Karly Graff.

The Dos Pueblos girls had Kristen Witchey, Claire Matthews and Meagan Bellefeuille on the first team and Michelle Gee, Erin Ristig and freshman Rachel Smith made the second team. Amber Altavilla, Brandie Harris, Marina Plesons and Misty Soto were named honorable mention.

San Marcos, which finished last in both boys and girls, had the talent to land three boys and two girls on first teams. Erik Gutierrez, Ricky Lopez, Chris Olmedo, Ali Raack and Melissa Robertson earned the distinction. Vince Viola, Ryan Gilmore, Chelsea Freidman, Lizzie Willett and Jenny Martinez garnered second-team recognition. Honorable mentions went to Ian Dahill, Ray Nowak, Juan Jimenez, Rachel Venturino and Nicollette Leslie.


Offensive player of the year: Jesse Gonzalez,Santa Barbara, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: Sanford Spivey, Santa Barbara, Jr.

Coach of the Year: Todd Heil

First Team
Andre Richards, Buena, Sr.
Forest Solis, Buena, Soph.
Rodrigo Perez, Dos Pueblos, Sr.
Eduardo Cortez, Dos Pueblos, Sr.
Christian Pardo, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Reynaldo Marcos Lopez, Santa Barbara, Sr,
Jose Tony Alfaro, Santa Barbara, Jr.
Justin Alvarado, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Erik Gutierrez, San Marcos, Sr.
Ricky Lopez, San Marcos, Soph.
Chris Olmedo, San Marcos, Sr.
Geoffrey Browne, Ventura, Sr.
Easton Tackett, Ventura, Jr.
Andrew Creighton, Ventura, Sr.
Branden Tangel,Dos Pueblos, Sr.

Second Team
Nick Garcia, Buena, Jr.
Alex Wilson, Buena, Sr.
Casey Donahue, Dos Pueblos, Sr.
Kyle Schmechel, Dos Pueblos, Jr.
Daniel Rowell, Dos Pueblos, Jr.
Alex Santana, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Brian Joseff, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Fernando Alvarado, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Spencer Pritchard, Santa Barbara, Jr.
Justin Jimenez, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Vince Viola, San Marcos, Sr.
Ryan Gilmore, San Marcos, Jr.
Nick Chavira, Ventura, Fresh.
Graham Austin, Ventura, Sr.
Ryland Gray, Ventura, Jr .

Honorable Mention:
Buena: Eder Alvarez,Michael Barminski, Jacob Amaro, Tim Platz
Dos Pueblos: Anthony Modugno, German Macedo, Vicente Perez
San Marcos: Ian Dahill, Ray Nowak, Juan Jimenez
Santa Barbara:Luis Santana, Blake Heller, Alfredo Ibarra, George Munoz
Ventura: Evan Remedios, Edgar Martinez, Kevin Tanner


Offensive Player of the Year: Megan Erskin, Buena,Sr.

Defensive Player of the Year: Nitalia Zuniga, Buena,Sr.

Coach of the Year: Trish Butterbaugh

First Team
Ali Raack, San Marcos, Sr.
Briana Lopez, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Brittany Couture,Santa Barbara, Sr.
Kirsten Jurich, Santa Barbara, Sr.
Daisy Cardona, Buena, Jr.
Dena Slaff, Santa Barbara, Soph.
Claire Matthews, Dos Pueblos, Jr.
Kai Miller, Santa Barbara, Jr.
Kristen Witchey, Dos Pueblos, Sr.
Kylee Haughton, Ventura, Sr.
Meagan Bellefeuille, Dos Pueblos, Sr.
Melissa Robertson, San Marcos, Sr.
Riley Ridgik, Buena, Jr.
Taylor Wright, Buena, Jr.
Stephanie Hernandez, Ventura, Jr

Second Team
Chelsea Freidman, San Marcos, Sr.
Lizzie Willett, San Marcos, Jr.
Krista Jimenez,Santa Barbara, Jr.
Sheridan Spivey, Santa Barbara, Soph.
Merissa Campos, Buena, Jr.
Melinda Silerio, Buena, Sr.
Charlotte Ellberg, Buena, Jr.
Rachel Smith, Dos Pueblos, Fresh.
Michelle Gee, Dos Pueblos, Sr.
Erin Ristig, Dos Pueblos, Jr.
Shelby Kelsch, Ventura, Sr.
Alex Peterson, Ventura, Sr.
Karly Graf, Santa Barbara, Soph.
Jenny Ann Martinez, San Marcos, Sr.
Ceci Alvarez,Santa Barbara, Jr.

Honorable Mention:
Buena: Nattie Richardson, Courtnie Calvert, Macey Herrera, Rieanne Thomas, Tori Winslow
Dos Pueblos: Amber Altavilla, Brandie Harris, Marina Plesons, Misty Soto
San Marcos: Rachel Venturino, Nicollette Leslie
Santa Barbara: Adrian Hill, Katie Joseff, Allie Chandler
Ventura: Becky Sims, Tori Adler, Ila Shimabuku


  1. Holly Emerson says

    Are you going to have a posting for boys and girls basketball? The channel league all league selections were posted for those several days ago and I can't seem to find a mention of it here in Santa Barbara. I read about it in a Ventura paper…

  2. Holly Emerson says

    Are you going to have a posting for boys and girls basketball? The channel league all league selections were posted for those several days ago and I can't seem to find a mention of it here in Santa Barbara. I read about it in a Ventura paper…

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