Royals get strong marks despite Cougar dominance

San Marcos’ track team knew it wasn’t going to pick up a win against mighty Ventura on Thursday, but the beauty of track and field is that the person in the next lane can’t keep you from a personal best.

Danielle Gemberling did just that, as she finished second in the mile but ran a PR of 5:22.95. Evan Bradford won the boys mile by a less than a half-second in 4:32.49, while Jansen Dahill squared off as the lone Royal amongst a pack of Cougars and ran a personal best 2:05.21 in the 800.

Elysia Hodges’ stellar season continued with the Royal speedster winning the girls 400 (62.06) and 200 (26.36). Hannah McDaniel took second to Hodges in the 200 and second to Kalley Ridwgay in the high jump. Ridgway, who recently returned from a back problem, cleared the bar at 5-2.

Bennie Kirkwood won the boys high jump at 6-2.

In the end, the Cougar boys won 107.5-19.5, while the Ventura girls won 91-35.

“It was a really nice day and the kids competed hard. We just don’t match up with Ventura on too many things,” said coach Marilyn Hantgin.

Female Team Scores –  Varsity Division

Ventura 91, San Marcos 35

Male Team Scores –  Varsity Division

Ventura 107.5, San Marcos 19.5


Event 4  Boys 4×100 Meter Relay Varsity


1 Ventura High School – 42.90

2 San Marcos High School – 45.20

Event 7  Girls 1600 Meter Run Varsity


1 Guadiana, Olivia SRVENT5:13.82

2 Gemblering, Danielle 12SAMA5:22.95

3 Shaw, McKay SRVENT5:44.68

4 Thompson, Madison SOVENT5:46.57

5 Haden, Jenerifer 11SAMA5:53.17

Event 8  Boys 1600 Meter Run Varsity


1 Bradford, Evan 11SAMA4:32.49

2 Tackett, Easton SOVENT4:32.82

3 Petree, Doug SOVENT4:32.92

4 Salmonsen, Kyle SOVENT4:39.56

5 Flemming, Jonathan JRVENT4:41.21

6 Herrera, Edwin FRVENT4:45.76

7 Carey, Sean SOVENT4:50.61

8 Lebell, Jacob 11SAMA4:58.41

9 Simes, Alexander 11SAMA4:59.37

10 Rutten, Helek 10SAMA5:07.07

11 Pickford, Reid 12SAMA5:09.12

Event 10  Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Varsity

1 Ormsby, Raquel SRVENT15.81

2 Bernal, Audrey SRVENT16.47

3 Axtell, Melody SOVENT17.20

4 Moris, Erin 12SAMA17.55

5 Kroll, Jackie SOVENT17.58

6 Pinnock, Darlene 11SAMA17.91

7 Panushka, Mary SRVENT18.09

8 Pederson, Tara 9SAMA18.66

Event 12  Boys 110 Meter Hurdles Varsity

1 Elsenbaumer, Ted SRVENT15.47

2 Lopez, Anthony SOVENT15.50

3 Stevens, Jason 11SAMA16.62

4 Lake, Tristan 10SAMA16.83

5 Kirkwood, Bennie 11SAMA17.23

6 Evans, Kaybrum SOVENT19.50

Event 15  Girls 400 Meter Dash Varsity


1 Hodges, Elysia 10SAMA1:02.06

2 Colvin, Michaela SRVENT1:03.08

3 Raack, Ali 11SAMA1:03.13

4 Kennedy, Kortney SOVENT1:03.77

5 Spaulding, Lexi 11SAMA1:04.31

6 Martinez, Janelle JRVENT1:06.61

Event 16  Boys 400 Meter Dash Varsity


1 Romero, Blake JRVENT53.54

2 Dodson, John 11SAMA54.70

3 Gil, Elden 11SAMA54.87

4 Clark, Scott 12SAMA54.88

5 Piekarski, Ben JRVENT55.19

6 Felix, Jesus JRVENT56.02

Event 19  Girls 100 Meter Dash Varsity


1 Lawry, Shannon SRVENT13.04

2 Damron, Jordan JRVENT13.21

3 Koopmans, Kaylin 9SAMA13.40

4 Sims, Rebecca JRVENT13.41

5 Lafrican, Danni SOVENT13.53

6 Sienicki, Alexis 11SAMA13.57

7 Brown, Emily SOVENT13.58

7 LaViale, Courtney 9SAMA13.58

Event 20  Boys 100 Meter Dash Varsity


1Castillo, TJ SRVENT11.05

2Turner, EJ SRVENT11.07

3Reyes, Rogelio SRVENT11.41

4Harvey, Randee 10SAMA11.73

5Dallmeyer, Derrick 11SAMA11.76

6Petree, Andy SRVENT11.77

7Laub, Simon 12SAMA12.07

8Rowen, Shane 10SAMA12.09

Event 23  Girls 800 Meter Run Varsity


1Carr, Natalie SRVENT2:32.24

2Gemblering, Danielle 12SAMA2:32.64

3Haden, Jenerifer 11SAMA2:39.98

Event 24  Boys 800 Meter Run Varsity


1Hagerman, Jesse SRVENT2:03.86

2Petree, Doug SOVENT2:03.98

3Tackett, Easton SOVENT2:04.86

4Dahill, Jansen 12SAMA2:05.21

5Brito, Jairo SRVENT2:05.52

6Salmonsen, Kyle SOVENT2:06.00

7Su, Charles JRVENT2:11.31

8Carey, Sean SOVENT2:12.69

Event 26  Girls 300 Meter Hurdles Varsity


1Ormsby, Raquel SRVENT47.44

2Bernal, Audrey SRVENT47.61

3Ridgeway, Kalley 12SAMA49.84

4Kroll, Jackie SOVENT51.00

5Axtell, Melody SOVENT51.43

6Pinnock, Darlene 11SAMA51.76

7Panushka, Mary SRVENT52.86

8Moris, Erin 12SAMA54.17

9Pederson, Tara 9SAMA56.14

Event 28  Boys 300 Meter Hurdles Varsity


1Lopez, Anthony SOVENT40.95

2Swider, Zach 12SAMA43.45

3Stevens, Jason 11SAMA43.96

4Mallard, Tyler 12SAMA44.82

Event 31  Girls 200 Meter Dash Varsity


1Hodges, Elysia 10SAMA26.36

2McDaniel, Hannah 10SAMA26.82

3Lawry, Shannon SRVENT26.89

4Koopmans, Kaylin 9SAMA27.45

5Brown, Emily SOVENT27.46

6Ormsby, Raquel SRVENT27.50

7Damron, Jordan JRVENT27.76

8Sims, Rebecca JRVENT28.42

9LaViale, Courtney 9SAMA28.94

10Carr, Natalie SRVENT28.97

Event 32  Boys 200 Meter Dash Varsity


1Castillo, TJ SRVENT22.31

2Turner, EJ SRVENT22.53

3Romero, Blake JRVENT23.12

4Gil, Elden 11SAMA23.46

5Harvey, Randee 10SAMA23.77

6Dodson, John 11SAMA24.35

7Dallmeyer, Derrick 11SAMA24.38

8Reyes, Rogelio SRVENT24.41

Finals …   (Event 32  Boys 200 Meter Dash Varsity)

9Laub, Simon 12SAMA24.49

10Piekarski, Ben JRVENT24.51

11Felix, Jesus JRVENT25.29

Event 34  Girls 3200 Meter Run Varsity


1Malloy, Meghan SOVENT12:22.81

2Saavedra, Julie SRVENT12:43.86








Event 36  Boys 3200 Meter Run Varsity


1Herrera, Edwin FRVENT10:32.05

2Hagerman, Jesse SRVENT10:32.75

3Flemming, Jonathan JRVENT10:39.43

4Lebell, Jacob 11SAMA10:50.39

Event 39  Girls 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity


1Ventura High SchoolA4:05.88

2San Marcos High SchoA4:08.73

3Ventura High SchoolBx4:22.35

Event 40  Boys 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity








1Ventura High SchoolA3:27.79

2San Marcos High SchoA3:31.32

Event 42  Girls High Jump Varsity


1Ridgeway, Kalley 12SAMA5-02.00

2McDaniel, Hannah 10SAMA5-00.00

3Bell, Leah JRVENT4-04.00

3Bernal, Audrey SRVENT4-04.00

5Cousins, Alanna 10SAMA4-02.00

—Gibbens, Natalie FRVENTNH

Event 44  Boys High Jump Varsity


1Kirkwood, Bennie 11SAMA6-02.00

2Ryan, Shane FRVENT6-00.00

3Hernandez, Felipe SRVENT5-08.00

3McCormick, Kyle JRVENT5-08.00

3Lake, Tristan 10SAMA5-08.00

3Rowen, Shane 10SAMA5-08.00

—Reed, Nathan 11SAMANH

Event 46  Girls Long Jump Varsity


1Colvin, Michaela SRVENT15-10.50

2Sienicki, Christine 11SAMA15-06.75

3Lafrican, Danni SOVENT15-04.00

4Carlton, Samantha SRVENT14-02.75

5Pinnock, Darlene 11SAMA13-11.75

6Cousins, Alanna 10SAMA13-11.50

7Bell, Leah JRVENT13-10.75

8Ireland, Alexis 10SAMA13-10.00

9Pearson, Kara 10SAMA13-09.00

10Kroll, Jackie SOVENT13-07.50

11Sienicki, Alexis 11SAMA13-02.75

Event 48  Boys Long Jump Varsity


1Hernandez, Felipe SRVENT19-09.50

2Smiley, Gavin SRVENT19-05.00

3Petree, Andy SRVENT19-04.00

4McCormick, Kyle JRVENT19-00.50

5Reed, Nathan 11SAMA17-11.50

6Lopez, Anthony SOVENT17-00.00

7Hempy, Scott 11SAMA16-11.50

8Viola, Vincent 11SAMA16-05.00

Event 50  Girls Triple Jump Varsity


1Colvin, Michaela SRVENT33-05.75

2Carlton, Samantha SRVENT33-02.75

3Sienicki, Christine 11SAMA32-04.50

4Gibbens, Natalie FRVENT30-09.00

5Bell, Leah JRVENT30-05.75

6Ireland, Alexis 10SAMA28-08.00

7Pearson, Kara 10SAMA27-07.75

8Pinnock, Darlene 11SAMA26-07.00

Event 52  Boys Triple Jump Varsity


1Brigham, Derek SRVENT42-04.00

2Petree, Andy SRVENT40-11.50

3McCormick, Kyle JRVENT39-08.00

4Rowen, Shane 10SAMA39-02.75

5Reed, Nathan 11SAMA39-00.50

6Smiley, Gavin SRVENT37-07.75

7Viola, Vincent 11SAMA35-10.25

8Ryan, Shane FRVENT34-00.75

Event 54  Girls Discus Throw Varsity


1Morgan, Alexandra SOVENT117-07

2Wilson, Kristen JRVENT113-08

3Madrid, Kapri JRVENT102-11

4Hyatt, Kelsey 9SAMA80-07

5Hill, Kallie 11SAMA76-08

6Castillo, Keliah 10SAMA75-03

7Simpson, Cassidy 11SAMA65-05

8Youssef, Mariam 12SAMA64-03

Event 56  Boys Discus Throw Varsity


1Rosales, Ryan SRVENT156-09

2Paea, Jordan SRVENT147-08

3Shively, Meshach SRVENT120-08

4Lee, Chase SRVENT114-05

5Brink, Josh JRVENT109-05

6Grunewald, David 11SAMA104-05

7Lage, Julian 11SAMA101-10

8Rehbein, Dolph JRVENT98-05

9Fultz, Travis 12SAMA97-04

10Alvarado, Jose 12SAMA92-00

11Buso, Joseph 12SAMA88-10

12Taylor, Spencer 11SAMA85-04

Event 58  Girls Shot Put Varsity


1Wilson, Kristen JRVENT36-09.00

2Morgan, Alexandra SOVENT36-05.00

3Madrid, Kapri JRVENT28-09.00

4Castillo, Keliah 10SAMA28-01.00

5Hyatt, Kelsey 9SAMA26-11.00

6Hill, Kallie 11SAMA24-01.00

7Simpson, Cassidy 11SAMA22-02.00

8Youssef, Mariam 12SAMA21-09.00

Event 60  Boys Shot Put Varsity


1Paea, Jordan SRVENT52-06.00

2Rosales, Ryan SRVENT46-10.00

3Shively, Meshach SRVENT42-11.00

4Rehbein, Dolph JRVENT41-00.00

5Lee, Chase SRVENT39-10.00

6Brink, Josh JRVENT39-00.00

7Kirkwood, Bennie 11SAMA38-07.00

8Buso, Joseph 12SAMA36-08.00

9Lage, Julian 11SAMA33-04.00

10Alvarado, Jose 12SAMA33-01.00

11Fultz, Travis 12SAMA32-09.00

12Grunewald, David 11SAMA32-03.00

13Taylor, Spencer 11SAMA29-03.00