DP track is back on top after beating Royals

Dos Pueblos’ girls track team became the best in the city once again Thursday, beating San Marcos for the first time in four years, 80-46.

The Charger boys won their side of things 97-31.

“This was kind of a changing of the guard in the Channel League that everyone was aware of,” said DP coach Dave Kuderka. “San Marcos graduated a huge group of outstanding girls last year, so this is something we were kind of waiting for.”


DP juniors Samantha and Carly Wopat combined for a whopping 32 points on the day. Samantha won the triple jump, high jump and long jump while her twin sister won the shot put and discus. Sophomore sensation Erin Ristig won the 200-meter race by just .001 over San Marcos’ Elysia Hodges in a photo finish, while also winning the 400 and anchoring DP’s winning relay squads.

Kuderka also highlighted Marina Plesons, who was asked to step up and run a leg of the 4×400 and ended up with a blazing split time of 60.9 seconds. Erin Campbell won the 800 by holding off San Marcos’ Danielle Gemberling, winning in a personal-best 2:21.

Gemberling did, however, win the 1600 for the Royals, and Hodges picked up victories in the 100 and 100 hurdles.

“DP is really talented, and I thought we were right there in every race. We had a great day, but we just don’t have as many scorers,” said Royals coach Marilyn Hantgin.

While Wopat was the prominent name atop the girls leader-board, the name Scarvelis stood out on the boys side as Steven Scarvelis won the 110 and 300 hurdles handily while Nicholas Scarvelis dominated the throws.

Isaiha Brown was ahead of the pack in the sprints, winning the 100 and 200 while contributing on both winning relay teams.

No race was as close as the Ristig-Hodges duel, but the boys 800 was a nail-biter as Dos Pueblos’ Nathaniel Block overtook San Marcos’ Jansen Dahill in the final 300 meters to win by less than a second.

“That’s a first-time thing for him to be in a varsity-level competition and get a win like that,” said Kuderka of Block. “It was a surprise, but he’s been putting in the miles and working hard at it.”

San Marcos’ Bennie Kirkwood won the high jump by clearing six-feet, while DP’s Patrick Smith and Anthony Houston won the long and triple jump, respectively.

If DP wants to have a shot at winning the league, it will have to go through a formidable Ventura program next week.


Girls 100 Meter Dash Varsity


1 Hodges, Elysia San Marcos 13.25  5

2LaViale, CourtneySan Marcos13.60  3

3Koopmans, KaylinSan Marcos13.99  1

4Chang, RubyDos Pueblos14.00

4Arellanes, DanielleSan Marcos14.00

6Motyer, MelissaDos Pueblos14.10

7Sandin, EllenDos Pueblos14.47


Girls 200 Meter Dash Varsity


1Ristig, ErinDos PueblosJ26.44  5

2Hodges, ElysiaSan MarcosJ26.44  3

3Koopmans, KaylinSan Marcos28.17  1

4Motyer, MelissaDos Pueblos28.82

5LaViale, CourtneySan Marcos29.43

6Knapp, MaryFrancesDos Pueblos30.00


Girls 400 Meter Dash Varsity


1Ristig, ErinDos Pueblos60.75  5

2Plesons, MarinaDos Pueblos62.19  3

3Spaulding, LexiSan Marcos62.45  1

4Raack, AliSan Marcos63.62


Girls 800 Meter Run Varsity


1Campbell, ErinDos Pueblos2:21.00  5

2Gemblering, DanielleSan Marcos2:23.11  3

3Ridgeway, KalleySan Marcos2:33.02  1

4Brashears, MarieSan Marcos2:39.96

5Haden, JeneriferSan Marcos2:48.12


Girls 1600 Meter Run Varsity


1Gemblering, DanielleSan Marcos5:28.20  5

2Pollack, SophieDos Pueblos5:31.47  3

3Daniel, CayleeDos Pueblos5:40.94  1

4Haden, JeneriferSan Marcos5:42.66

5Zola, DanielleDos Pueblos5:43.14


Girls 3200 Meter Run Varsity


1Pollack, SophieDos Pueblos12:15.57  5

2Zola, DanielleDos Pueblos12:42.42  3


Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Varsity


1Hodges, ElysiaSan Marcos17.23  5

2Moris, ErinSan Marcos17.60  3

3Gee, MichelleDos Pueblos17.82  1

4Pinnock, DarleneSan Marcos18.16

5DeRogatis, AndreaDos Pueblos18.73

6Pederson, TaraSan Marcos19.36

7Williams, AmandaDos Pueblos20.53


Girls 300 Meter Hurdles Varsity


1Gee, MichelleDos Pueblos49.83  5

2McDaniel, HannahSan Marcos51.08  3

3Pinnock, DarleneSan Marcos51.32  1

4Plymire, KiraSan Marcos52.54

5Pederson, TaraSan Marcos53.48

6DeRogatis, AndreaDos Pueblos54.14


Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Varsity


1Dos PueblosA51.86  5

1) Motyer, Melissa2) Plesons, Marina

3) Gee, Michelle4) Ristig, Erin

2San MarcosA52.35

1) Koopmans, Kaylin2) LaViale, Courtney

3) Sienicki, Alexis4) Arellanes, Danielle


Girls 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity


1Dos PueblosA4:07.89  5

1) Campbell, Erin2) Plesons, Marina

3) DeRogatis, Andrea4) Ristig, Erin

2San MarcosA4:08.53

1) Gemblering, Danielle2) Haden, Jenerifer

3) McDaniel, Hannah4) Raack, Ali


Girls High Jump Varsity


1Wopat, SamanthaDos Pueblos5-02.00  5

2McDaniel, HannahSan Marcos5-00.00  3

3Wopat, CarlyDos Pueblos4-08.00  1

—Cousins, AlannaSan MarcosNH

—Ridgeway, KalleySan MarcosNH


Girls Long Jump Varsity


1Wopat, SamanthaDos Pueblos16-08.00  5

2Sienicki, ChristineSan Marcos15-02.50  3

3Plesons, MarinaDos Pueblos15-00.00  1


Finals …   (Girls Long Jump Varsity)

4Sandin, EllenDos Pueblos14-10.00

5Robertson, MelissaSan Marcos14-09.00

6Pinnock, DarleneSan Marcos14-08.00

7Pearson, KaraSan Marcos14-01.00

7Ireland, AlexisSan Marcos14-01.00

9Cousins, AlannaSan Marcos13-09.00

10Sienicki, AlexisSan Marcos13-08.00

11Mach, VivianSan Marcos10-08.50

—Chang, RubyDos PueblosND


Girls Triple Jump Varsity


1Wopat, SamanthaDos Pueblos35-10.00  5

2Wopat, CarlyDos Pueblos35-03.50  3

3Sienicki, ChristineSan Marcos33-01.00  1

4Pearson, KaraSan Marcos31-06.00

5Cousins, AlannaSan Marcos29-06.00

6Ireland, AlexisSan Marcos29-03.50

—Sandin, EllenDos PueblosND

—Sienicki, AlexisSan MarcosND


Girls Shot Put Varsity


1Wopat, CarlyDos Pueblos31-04.00  5

2Castillo, KeliahSan Marcos27-02.00  3

3Escalante, JessicaDos Pueblos26-10.00  1

4Hyatt, KelseySan Marcos26-08.00

5Hill, KallieSan Marcos24-11.00

6Simpson, CassidySan Marcos21-09.00

7Youssef, MariamSan Marcos21-04.00


Girls Discus Throw Varsity


1Wopat, CarlyDos Pueblos127-00.50  5

2Wopat, SamanthaDos Pueblos95-05.50  3

3Castillo, KeliahSan Marcos77-08  1

4Hyatt, KelseySan Marcos77-04

5Escalante, JessicaDos Pueblos75-07.50

6Hill, KallieSan Marcos64-07

7Simpson, CassidySan Marcos63-06

8Youssef, MariamSan Marcos57-02.50


Boys 100 Meter Dash Varsity


1Brown, IsaihaDos Pueblos11.36  5

2Lekas, CliffDos Pueblos11.79  3

3Park, TimDos Pueblos11.96  1

4Dallmeyer, DerrickSan Marcos12.06

5Harvey, RandeeSan Marcos12.12

6Laub, SimonSan Marcos12.25


Boys 200 Meter Dash Varsity


1Brown, IsaihaDos Pueblos23.06  5

2Bartholomew, JacobDos Pueblos23.67  3

3Harvey, RandeeSan Marcos24.24  1

4Lopez, AndyDos Pueblos24.48


Boys 400 Meter Dash Varsity


1Bartholomew, JacobDos Pueblos52.65  5

2Gil, EldenSan Marcos53.03  3

3Lopez, AndyDos Pueblos53.19  1

4Solorzano, JuaqinSan Marcos54.29

5Dodson, JohnSan Marcos54.57


Boys 800 Meter Run Varsity


1Block, NathanielDos Pueblos2:05.67  5

2Dahill, JansenSan Marcos2:06.52  3

3David, PhilipSan Marcos2:07.84  1

4Drew, RyanDos Pueblos2:08.57


Boys 1600 Meter Run Varsity


1Bradford, EvanSan Marcos4:38.52  5

2Bailey, MattDos Pueblos4:41.65  3

3Sushchikh, SergeyDos Pueblos4:41.66  1

Finals …   (Boys 1600 Meter Run Varsity)

4Dalton, AaronSan Marcos5:20.25


Boys 3200 Meter Run Varsity


1Bradford, EvanSan Marcos9:53.33  5

2Braden, ChrisDos Pueblos9:53.52  3

3Sushchikh, SergeyDos Pueblos10:07.59  1

4Dalton, AaronSan Marcos11:53.40


Boys 110 Meter Hurdles Varsity


1Scarvelis, StevenDos Pueblos15.87  5

2Gomez, ChrisDos Pueblos16.83  3

3Stevens, JasonSan Marcos17.18  1

4Kirkwood, BennieSan Marcos17.26

5Kim, JonathonSan Marcos18.79

6Lake, TristanSan Marcos19.70


Boys 300 Meter Hurdles Varsity


1Scarvelis, StevenDos Pueblos40.01  5

2Lopez, AndyDos Pueblos42.46  3

3Swider, ZachSan Marcos43.04  1

4Solorzano, JuaqinSan Marcos43.64

5Park, TimDos Pueblos44.38

6Stevens, JasonSan Marcos45.10

7Gomez, ChrisDos Pueblos45.58


Boys 4×100 Meter Relay Varsity


1Dos PueblosA43.78  5

1) Lekas, Cliff2) Brown, Isaiha

3) Smith, Patrick4) Scarvelis, Steven

2San MarcosA45.14

1) Duran, Justin2) Dallmeyer, Derrick

3) Harvey, Randee4) Lomeli, Anthony


Boys 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity


1Dos PueblosA3:28.87  5

1) Lekas, Cliff2) Smith, Patrick

3) Brown, Isaiha4) Scarvelis, Steven

2San MarcosA3:35.78

1) Dahill, Jansen2) Gil, Elden

3) Harvey, Randee4) Solorzano, Juaqin


Boys High Jump Varsity


1Kirkwood, BennieSan Marcos6-00.00  5

2Smith, PatrickDos PueblosJ5-10.00  2

2Sharkey, JohnDos Pueblos5-10.00  2

3Reed, NathanSan MarcosJ5-10.00  1

5Rowen, ShaneSan Marcos5-06.00

5Lake, TristanSan Marcos5-06.00

—Genardini, JoshDos PueblosNH

—Houston, AnthonyDos PueblosNH

—Hempy, ScottSan MarcosNH

—Dill, JeremyDos PueblosNH


Boys Long Jump Varsity


1Smith, PatrickDos Pueblos20-10.50  5

2Bartholomew, JacobDos Pueblos19-10.25  3

3Sharkey, JohnDos Pueblos19-04.25  1

4Ramos, XavierDos Pueblos19-04.00

5Viola, VincentSan Marcos18-10.00

6Reed, NathanSan Marcos18-06.00

7Dill, JeremyDos Pueblos17-11.75

8Rowen, ShaneSan Marcos16-05.50

—Genardini, JoshDos PueblosND

—Chanhmanee, JimmyDos PueblosND

—Vines, ChrisSan MarcosND

—Kirkwood, BennieSan MarcosND

—Hempy, ScottSan MarcosND


Boys Triple Jump Varsity


1Houston, AnthonyDos Pueblos42-05.00  5

2Rowen, ShaneSan Marcos40-10.00  3

3Reed, NathanSan Marcos40-06.75  1

4Ramos, XavierDos Pueblos37-08.00

5Viola, VincentSan Marcos37-05.75

—Sharkey, JohnDos PueblosND

—Chanhmanee, JimmyDos PueblosND

—Dill, JeremyDos PueblosND

—Lomeli, AnthonySan MarcosND

—Hempy, ScottSan MarcosND

—Vines, ChrisSan MarcosND


Boys Shot Put Varsity


1Scarvelis, NicholasDos Pueblos53-07.00  5

2Lagattuta, JamesDos Pueblos38-09.00  3

3Turk, DanielDos Pueblos38-02.50  1

4Buso, JosephSan Marcos35-03.50

5Alvarado, JoseSan Marcos32-10.50

6Fultz, TravisSan Marcos32-07.00

7Lage, JulianSan Marcos32-05.50

8Taylor, SpencerSan Marcos32-04.00

9Grunewald, DavidSan Marcos29-07.50


Boys Discus Throw Varsity


1Scarvelis, NicholasDos Pueblos149-05  5

2Turk, DanielDos Pueblos126-00  3

3Lage, JulianSan Marcos125-05  1

4Fultz, TravisSan Marcos118-04

5Lagattuta, JamesDos Pueblos104-09

6Grunewald, DavidSan Marcos102-01

7Taylor, SpencerSan Marcos101-08

8Alvarado, JoseSan Marcos91-08

9Buso, JosephSan Marcos88-06

10Genardini, JoshDos Pueblos88-04