Laguna nabs big rivalry win over Cate, 3-1

It was a rare, sweet rivalry win for the Laguna Blanca girls soccer team.

The No. 7 Owls scored three unanswered goals Friday to take down sixth-ranked rival Cate on the Rams’ home turf, 3-1.

“This was only the second time in at least six or seven years that we’ve beaten them, so it’s a big one for us,” said coach Gregg Luna.

Cate struck first on a direct shot off of a set play in the 15th minute.

“In the first half they showed that they’re a really good team,” said Luna. “We had a tough time with their aerial attack and they got eight corner kicks. They were very close to scoring again.”

Laguna got the equalizer in the 25th minute when Erin Stone and Boo Goldmuntz used a give-and-go to get the ball centered to Ari Rodriguez, who found the back of the net to send the game into halftime with the scored tied up.

The Owls would out-shoot the Rams 12-3 after the break, with Kelsey Douglas scoring the game-winner halfway through the period. With six minutes left, a freshman connection between Fiona Jessup and Mckenzie Scarborough led to a 1-on-1 Scarborough goal.

“That was a pretty play,” said Luna. “It was an intense game, and I commend Cate because they did a great job.

Next up for the Owls (8-2, 0-1 Condor League) is Thacher, another rival the Owls haven’t defeated for a long while.