Cate’s Walsh, Carp’s Madden finish first on bluffs

The Carpinteria Bluffs were the site of a three-school cross country meet on Wednesday involving Carpinteria High, Cate School and Bishop Diego.

Fitttingly, it was the two Carpinteria schools that the boys and girls winners came from.

Cate’s Mackenzie Walsh and Carpinteria’s Travis Madden took top honors for girls and boys respectively.

 Madden’s time was at 18 minutes and 32 seconds. Walsh came across in 22:09.

The Warriors ended up sweeping the top spots on the boys side to win the team competition. Despite Walsh’s individual victory, the Warrior girls were also triumphant as a team thanks to taking the 3-through-5 slots with Hilary Ribbens, Maritza Torrez and Amanda Burch crossing the finish line in succession.

Christina Delgadillo was Bishop Diego’s high-placer, coming in second place in the girls race.

Cate’s girls team came in second largely because of Walsh’s effort. Mackenzie’s younger sister, Adrian, followed in her older sister’s footsteps — just a little behind — and finished sixth. Cate’s other top-ten performance was turned in by Denali Tiejen.

Each of the schools will be represented in Saturday’s Ojai Invitational, one of the most prestigious meets of the season.


Girls:  Carpinteria 29, Cate 39, Bishop Diego 125

Boys:  Carpinteria 21, Bishop Diego 34, Cate 75

INDIVIDUALS — Girls: Carpinteria: 3, Hilary Ribbens, 23:05; 4, Maritza Torrez, 23:19; 5, Amanda Burch, 23:46; 8, Amelia Ribbens, 25:08; 9, Katherine Delk, 25:33; 10, Lauren Colomy, 25:45; 11, Angela Magnussen, 25:49. Cate: 1, Mackenzie Walsh, 22:09; 6, Adrian Walsh 24:27; 7, Denali Tietjen, 24:34; 12, Cascade Zak, 27:01; 13, Stephanie Ruys de Perez, 27:27. Boys: Carpinteria: 1, Travis Madden, 18:32; 2, Erick Cruz, 18:54; 3, Alejandro Alvarez, 19:08; 7, Tony Alvarez, 19:31; 8, Jose Luis Sanchez, 19:45; 14, Jay Bushey, 20:47; 15, Dan Gold, 20:48. Cate: 11, Mark Mullan, 20:31; 12, Michael Hassman, 20:32; 13, Jason Park, 20:47; 19, Joe Gottwald, 21:27; 20, Spencer McAvoy, 21:38. BISHOP DIEGO STILL TO REPORT