Sports Volunteer of the Month: Dr. Dan Brennan

Both parents?instilled confidence and placed a strong emphasis on education.

It all produced three loving, well-rounded, and grounded offspring who are landing solidly in the field of medicine.

DPLL All-Star Team

Dan and assistant coach Jeff Greaney with their Sluggers Club Team. (Baseball photos courtesy of Scott Craig)

Brennan?s brother, Rob is a local endodontist; and sister, Sarah is just starting her residency ? she?ll soon be a pediatrician, too.

?I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a pediatrician,? says Dr. Dan.

?Growing up, Dr. Kolendrianos became a great mentor and friend. He used to kid me back then that I would be his replacement when he retired. He?s now my Sansum partner and there?s nothing better than practicing pediatrics with your own childhood doc!? Brennan smiles.

During his Albany (NY) Medical Center studies and later residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, returning to Santa Barbara was always the ultimate goal for him and Yael — who actually lived ?only 10 houses down? while they were growing up.

?She was friends with my younger brother,? Brennan shares. ?And her dad, ironically, was a pediatrician. Regrettably, he passed away before I could meet him.?

While Yael was attending UCSB, it?was a chance meeting that would align their life course?.

Dan was taking a break from his UCLA medical studies at UCSB?s library when he decided to stroll through campus.

Yael recognized him as he walked by? they ended up talking for three hours ? and ?the rest, as they say, is history.? (They married at the Santa Barbara Zoo in 1998.)

Timing, as they?both say, is everything!

Similar to sports, which has always been an important part of Brennan?s quest for maintaining a healthy balance in life.

He has always loved tennis and running,?having completed three marathons in a quick two-year span.

And about this award recognition ?

?It?s really cool but I feel alittle embarrassed,? Brennan says. ?There are a lot of people doing the work and I know others deserve it. I?m just doing what I love to do.?

?Dan always comes to the soccer fields with a smile on his face and a bag of soccer balls over his shoulder,? says Maloney. ?He is one of our super volunteers who makes playing soccer so much fun.?

And from SBART President Rich Hanna ?

?In a very short time on the Santa Barbara Athletic Roundtable board, Dan has brought a passion for local sports and the positive benefits of sports participation, to the larger athletic community.?

“”I think Santa Barbara is lucky to have someone like Dan,? shares Tom Hastings, Brennan?s close pal, coaching colleague, fellow SBART board member and UCSB?s deputy director of athletics.

?Not only does he care for kids as a profession, but he does it in his free time, as well. He coaches baseball, basketball, soccer; he volunteers on a number of boards. I’m sure if he had more time, he’d find more ways to give back. He is someone who actually does more than talk about being involved — he is immersed in it,” Hasting adds.

Safe to say ?

Our inaugural 2013 Volunteer of the Month honoree has come full circle in pursing his career aspirations ? his life passions ? and in making a very positive community impact in his outstanding commitment to helping kids and families and in giving back to others.

Dr. Dan Brennan truly is living his dream.

Right where he wants to be.

Right here at home?

Dan and his family at spring training in Arizona

Dan and his family at spring training in Arizona


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