Registration info for Semana Nautica ocean swims

2008 Olympian Mark Warkentin is a regular participant in the Semana Nautica ocean swims, most recently winning the 1-mile swim in 2011 (Presidio Sports Photo)

Semana Nautica’s ocean-swimming events are less than a month away, with a couple of schedule changes to take note of.

In a change from years past, the 3-mile swim comes first, scheduled for Saturday morning, June 30.

The Mullen & Henzell 1-mile ocean swim, starting and finishing at East Beach like the 3-miler, has been moved to the following weekend (Saturday, July 7).

Registration for both races occur the morning of the event starting at 8 a.m.

More registration and event info can be found HERE.

The six-mile swim, which begins at Goleta Beach and ends at Hendrys, remains on its usual second weekend of the festival. The six-miler is set for Sunday, July 8.

Unlike the shorter distances, the 6-mile race requires advance registration, with entry forms due on June 27.

For a complete schedule of Semana Nautica events, follow this link.