Lakey’s Lines: Revisiting France 11 years later

Hi Guys!!

Lakey was happy to find the same restuarant that she and her family ate at 11 years ago in Biarritz, France.

My time in France has come to an end. I now have a legit answer when people ask me where is my favorite spot to travel to: FRANCE!

I love everything about that place… the people, the food, the waves, the atmosphere, it’s amazing. I got to the round of 24 in the QS contest, the quarter finals in the Junior Pro. Also, they did something that they don’t normally do at contests, it’s called an expression session! So, what they did is pick the girls they thought were the most progressive and split us up into teams. My team was me, Justine Dupont (she is a good friend of mine from France), and Bethany Hamilton!

Bethany has been a good friend of mine for a while, and she was ripping! That was tons of fun, and we got second overall!

Anyways, my not making it all the way to the final gave us time to explore!

My family and I went to France 11 years ago — we went to Paris and Biarritz. I was really young at the time though, so it was so much fun to go back.

Lakey with Mom & Dad doing the tourist thing in France, which is Lakey's "favorite place to travel."

We did not go to Paris but we got to go to Biarritz again, and it is AMAZING! So Pretty! When we were there last, we went to this restaurant that had some of the best food my family and I had ever had, and we have been talking about it ever since. The other night we were wandering around the city and found that same restaurant!!! We went inside and had dinner; it was so much fun and brought back great memories. You can see the picture of me in front of it!

Overall it has been such a fun trip and I was so excited because not only did my parents get to come but my brother did also!

Now I am headed to Portugal for a few days to do a contest, then back home…which reminds me!! My movie “Leave A Message” will be playing at the Lobero Theater on June 28th. We are doing a benefit for a charity called Hands 4 Others. It’s going to be a fun night with music and and the movie! more details soon.

thanks for reading,
xoxo Lakey P. :)