Lakey’s Lines: In love with the ISA World Juniors

Hello everyone!

Well at the moment I am in Peru for one of the most fun events of the year!

There are dozens of flags on the beach at the ISA World Junior Championships. There are 27 countries this year. (ISA Photo/Marotta)

This might ring a bell for you loyal readers. Last year this event was in New Zealand. It is called the ISA World Juniors.

I am here with the USA surf team competing for the U.S. of A. It is all 18 and under surfers from around the world, and every year it is in a different country. So what happens is every country takes the top 4 girls for under 18 and the top 4 guys for under 16 and 18.

It is a little bit different than the average surf contest I do because it is more of a team event.

I mean, we are all trying to win for ourselves, yes, but it’s kind of like the Olympics so at the end of the event they add up all of the points from each country and whoever has the most gets the gold medal. Then whoever wins the event individually also gets a gold medal — but just for themselves!! And if you win, that gives your team tons of points. I hope that all makes sense.

Also, some of you might know who the Coffin brothers are (they are from Santa Barbara as well) and they are here on the team too, so that has been a lot of fun!! The whole team is still in the event so far, and the waves have been super fun. I got to surf my first round this morning and made it through, so I’m stoked!

The next couple rounds are going to get a bit tricky but hopefully all of us will pull through. You can tune in and watch if you want on the live webcast (Click Here).

Here are a few Pictures from the event so far, hope you enjoy!!

thanks for reading,
Lakey P :)

Lakey Peterson

Lakey has her tail fins out of the water on this turn during her opening heat at the ISA World Juniors in Peru.