Lakey’s Lines: Oakley World Junior was awesome!

Hey guys!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Bali has been an amazing experience for me. The contest (Oakley World Jr. Championships) was awesome! The waves were really really good and everyone surfed amazing. I ended up getting 5th overall, which I can’t complain about. I got really sick the night before my quarter final heat; they call it “Bali Belly,” and take it from me, its not fun! Other than that, I got a lot of experience from the contest and surfing reef breaks.

After the contest we had plans to go to another little island off of Bali to get some more footage for the Nike 6.0 movie. However, the island we were supposed to go to had a crazy Typhoid outbreak a couple days before we left. So that obviously didn’t happen. My filmer said that the island Nias is a place he has always wanted to go and that one of his friends had a house that we could stay at there! After hearing that, we packed our bags and were off to Nias.

Nias was really fun, the waves were amazing and we got tons of footage, which we really needed! We were only there for 5 days then it was back to Bali for 2 more and now i am on the airplane listening to Justin Bieber on my way home .

It was an amazing trip and i look forward to next year!!


Lakey P : )

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