Santa Barbara Sports Volunteer of the Month

Pacific Western Bank in Santa Barbara

This monthly series is made possible by Pacific Western Bank


Volunteers often go under-recognized even though they are extremely important to the athletic community. So important that many of the sporting events and organizations key to our lives wouldn’t be possible without those who donate their time to assist others.

This award is made possible by Pacific Western BankThis new monthly spotlight series is our way of thanking those that selflessly give themselves for the benefit of many.

To all volunteers making a difference, we salute you.

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He’s a kindred spirit who has unleashed his true passion in running.

After a 25-year run of his own as a U.S. Postal Service worker, Leo Schumaker now willingly donates a good portion of retirement time savoring, promoting and living all aspects of the sport, while inspiring others to find their own happy path in life.

Four years back, he cranked it up a notch or two in finding “his voice” — his Running & Racing Show has since been transmitting every Monday morning from Storke Tower on the KCSB 91.9FM signal.

For his unbridled enthusiasm as a local ambassador of sport in tirelessly promoting the true joys of running, Schumaker, 62, is our newest Volunteer of the Month.

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Sports Volunteers of the Month:

October 2013: Leo Schumaker
September 2013: Kira Fay, Greg Tebbe and Jeff King
August 2013: Laurie Leighty
July 2013: Curtis Ridling
June 2013: Kent “Wojo” Wojciechoski
April 2013: Barney Berglund
March 2013: Daniel Giordani
February 2013: George Rempe
January 2013: Dan Brennan
December 2012: Nancy Eckert
November 2012: Matt Wagonhurst
October, 2012: John Maloney
September, 2012: Bill Swing
August, 2012: Annie Topete
July, 2012: MeLinda Matsumoto
June, 2012: Aaron Brown
May, 2012: Jeanie Purcell-Hill