Santa Barbara Sports Figure of the Month: presented by American Riviera Bank


Each Month, Presidio Sports recognizes a local sports figure for their extraordinary contribution to the Santa Barbara athletic community.

It is our way to recognize those who have made a positive impact, whether it is an inspirational athletic performance, a lifetime achievement award, a philanthropist, or just a special story worth sharing.

This award is made possible by American Riviera Bank.


Aaron-Solis---San-Marcos-RoyalsIt’s Tuesday afternoon of rivalry week and Aaron Solis is busy making sure everything is in order for a slate of basketball games at the San Marcos High Thunderhut for the next couple of days

Solis is meticulous in the set-up. He shows a student where the floor mats for the team benches line up on the floor. As the chairs for the players and coaches are set up, he makes sure they’re spaced just right.

Later that night, he’s seated on the San Marcos bench, assisting head coach Chris Hantgin with the varsity girls team against Santa Barbara. For Wednesday night’s boys game, Solis is doing the public address announcing and playing DJ. And he’s keeping an eagle eye on the huge crowd. He spots a Santa Barbara student messing around with a megaphone and alerts the SBHS athletic director, who confiscates it.

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This award is made possible by American Riviera Bank