Ten: Dons down Cate in opener

Sixteen Dons saw action in Wednesday’s 16-2 victory over Cate in both teams’ season-opener.

Santa Barbara High clinched the match in the second round.

Head coach Greg Tebbe said he was impressed with the 7-0 set record for his three newcomers Jackson Powell, Logan Lender and Spencer Bloomer.

The Dons face a tougher Beverly Hills in their next match.

Cate School got wins from the doubles teams of Thys Northup-Trey Jackson and Michael Nettesheim-Brendan Lokre.

The small-school Rams face another Division 1 opponent (San Marcos) on Friday.


SB Singles – Jordan Rodnick 1-0, Jackson Powell 2-0, Mitchell Kuhn 2-0, Ben Bird 2-0, Alex Torin 1-0, Matthew Wallock 1-0
SB Doubles: Avery Chernin / Ryan Chung 2-0, Austin Trevillian / Logan Lender 2-0, Jake Sutton / Spencer Bloomer 3-0, Patrick Kim / J. Davies 0-1, William Belfiore / Max Mercuriio 0-1

Cate Singles: Michael Revord 0-3, Jack Hoover 0-3, Johnowen Lowe 0-3
Cate Doubles: Parker Gribb / Alex Erling 0-3, Michael Westeshiem / Brendan Lokre 1-2, Thys Northup / Andrew Smith 0-1, Thys Northup / Jason Xiao, Thys Northup / Trey Jackson 1-0.

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